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Explore our comprehensive portfolio of digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies.

MGS Desktop GIS Suite

A robust and flexible GIS tool that helps in aggregating and analyzing the data from the diverse sources which can be utilized with updated, reliable and industry specific data.

MGS Image Analysis Suite

An extensive array of advanced tools tailored for precise Geospatial and Image Analysis, leveraging vast repository of maps and data including Satellite imagery, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Drone captures, and Aerial photographs.

MGS Geospatial Server Suite

A versatile web-based GIS software solution designed to streamline the publication of your geospatial content and analysis. It helps to visualize, analyze and collaborate dynamic and configurable maps with stakeholders. It also enables seamless content publishing and provides robust tools for configuring mobile applications tailored to requirements.

MGS Enterprise Data Management Solution

A powerful enterprise server software packaged with a comprehensive map content, designed to manage and distribute geospatial data, imagery, and a multitude of related resources. With its sophisticated role-based access control, our solution ensures fine-grained security, allowing organisations to confidently manage their geospatial assets while safeguarding sensitive information.

MGS Geospatial Enterprise Application Configuration Platforms

A platform to configure geospatial applications with vast repository of map content and 2D / 3D data, showcasing ground reality helps for better visualization, business intelligence widgets, task specific form-based Workflows and Field Mobile Apps.

MGS Photogrammetry Suite

A comprehensive Stereo Photogrammetry workflow, specifically tailored for efficient production mapping environments comprising of transforming raw imagery into accurate and reliable ortho images, terrain models or point clouds with dozens of rigorous and RPC models

MGS Utility GIS Solution

An advanced utility GIS platform for precise network planning, streamlined asset management, and enhanced service reliability with our cutting-edge solution.

MGS Geospatial Application Development Platform

A dynamic suite of APIs empowering developers to create mission-critical, real-time situational awareness applications. Whether you're building desktop, web, browser-based, or onboard solutions, our platform provides the tools you need to craft powerful geospatial applications that drive decision-making in any context.

MGS Geospatial Solution

It encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings, including:

  • Census applications
  • Cloud-Deployable Enterprise System for Image Intelligence
  • Mass Transit Applications

Each of these solutions is designed to meet specific geospatial needs, ensuring a tailored approach for diverse applications.

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